Sunday, June 10, 2012

so long, farewell...

The man of the house left to work for John Deere this week. I held it together when he kissed Kate goodbye. 

His goodbye to Leah nearly killed me. 

I drove him to the coach in the early morning hours last Sunday and sobbed as he walked away. 

I don't think he knows that. He probably thinks I'm made of stone because I didn't cry in front of him. But, since he reads the blog, he's now in on the secret that I'm actually just a big softie. 

We've been able to Skype and FaceTime and since we are exactly 12 hours behind, it's actually pretty convenient. 

My goal for the summer is to simply keep the three of us here at home alive. Anything above and beyond that is simply a bonus. One week down, ten to go.


Kelli Marshall said...

i do not like this... i hate having daddy good bye times. granted the longest {with having kids} has been 5 weeks for us.. that was hard... and i had help. wish i could hop on a
plane and come visit. i love you! can't wait for 10 weeks to fly by!

Karen Hauley said...

shmave, did you cry when ryan said good bye to me? :)

Michelle said...

this is my second time reading this post, and i'm crying, for a second time. you have a gift for picture taking, a gift that makes me bawl. thanks a lot.