Friday, June 8, 2012

the end of an era

After three years, Miss Leah had her very last day of preschool. It's hard to believe that three years have gone by since the day we walked up the little ramp to her early start program in California. So much was unknown then. So much was better. And so much was worse. 

It was there, in that first classroom, we were led to her diagnosis. And it was in each classroom since that we have seen just how much of a fighter our Leah is. She is one strong, smart, determined little girl. 

 first day: may 2009
last day: june 2012

Kindergarten better watch out.


Kelli Marshall said...

oh my chubby little 2 year old!!!! love it! and man, bean.. you have GROWN so TALL!!!! miss you!

Michelle said...

oh my gosh Maren....that picture of her when she was 2 is to die for! What a freaking cutie! I love it!