Sunday, June 10, 2012

date night

In keeping with my annual goal #4 - and because I kind of like Ryan, we took advantage of my mom being here and went out for a night on the town. 

We stuffed ourselves silly at KOTO - a ridiculously delicious hibachi grill restaurant. And then we decided to check New Hampshire off of our list of states we have mini golfed in. I won the front 9. Ryan took me to school on the second 9. We'll call it a tie. 

Then Ryan wanted to head to the driving range. I decided I'd like to keep my incision in tact, so I watched him...stretch

...and hit a few balls. 

We headed home early so he could pack for China. {Yup, he was leaving the next morning at 6:30am and he hadn't packed yet.} A perfect night out with a perfect gentleman.


Ryan said...

A gentleman though I may be, I cannot tolerate the gross misrepresentation that we 'tied' at mini golf. True, you took me to the cleaners on the front nine, but let's remember that I more than took you to the cleaners on the back nine. As I recall, and the scorecard will certainly prove, I beat you by two strokes (although we both know it was really three). I love you dearly - especially your competitiveness on the greens.

Michelle said...

you two are too cute, i sort of hate you. :)