Tuesday, June 5, 2012

natural history study take 4

Ryan and Leah drove down to Children's Hospital Boston for Leah's fourth visit to the natural history study. They do it a little different in Boston than they did in California, in that it's kind of a regular office visit. Some of the doctors that participate in the study are located at Boston Children's, so they don't have to travel and do everyone all at once. 

To be honest, I prefer it the other way because I think it's awesome to get to mix and mingle with all types of Rett families twice a year. But we are grateful for wonderful doctors in such close proximity. 

Our beloved Dr. Khwaja no longer works there, which we are really sad about. But they were able to meet with his replacement, Dr. Kaufmann, and Ryan reported nothing but good about him. Hooray! 

Leah also visited the Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience for Leah to participate in a new study. She got to wear this snazzy EEG cap and watch a bunch of fun things. She basically had the time of her life. We won't talk about the mess that was her hair and how wonderful it was trying to comb it out when she got home. 

On their way home, they stopped at Target to pick out some new toys with a gift card from Grandma and Grandpa Layton and then they picked up Grandma Hauley at the airport to begin a week of fun! 

But the best news of the entire day is that she now weighs 17.6 kilograms. I know, what does that even mean!? I had to look it up, but Leah is now a whopping 38.8 pounds. I KNOW! I almost didn't believe it either. But I've lifted her recently, so I know it's true. Three cheers for Leah!


Anonymous said...

so, leah starts a new hair trend AND gains weight? That lucky, lucky girl!

Rob and Marseille said...

christopher,age 7 is 38 lbs. michael age 3 is 36 lbs