Tuesday, March 2, 2010

birthday girl

my name is maren and i have a three year old.

i know, crazy. but it's true.

and in keeping with the theme of "three", we partied like crazy three times. here's the proof:

party #1:
quadruplet party with three friends who also turned three within 5 days of each other. ruby first, then leah, then jack, then ty. poor t-bone couldn't even make it to his own party because he was busy being sick. really sick. like barfing in a bowl sick. jack may or may not have given his cake one lick and then left the table. ruby may or may not have asked for a spoon. leah may or may not have dug into her cake with all her might. that's my girl.
party #2:
leah's school had a party for her. we brought pudding to share. and then they kicked her out of school. more on that to come.party #3:
two words: ginormous cupcake. i was tired of cake by the time her actual birthday rolled around so we opted for strawberry shortcake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. mmmm. jack helped leah blow out the candles. he's such a good twin.
we were so loud our downstairs neighbor even complained.
we are now taking donations for a down payment on a house. contact me for details.
leah was crazy spoiled.
we're talkin' half the backyardigans dvds available anywhere, gigantic chocolate chip cookies, clothes up the wazoo, cards, books, musical instruments, pictures and lots and lots of love.


thebakerbook said...

That my kind of party. I wish i had been invited. I think I need to become better friends with Leah.

ed and kelli said...

so sad they kicked her out of school.. she loves it there.. dang rules! thanks for letting us share your birthday bean!