Wednesday, March 24, 2010

sf ballet: take three

disney ruins everything.

good thing i knew the real story of the little mermaid was a tragedy. i think she turns to sea foam? anyway. tragedy or not, this had a very strange love twist to it.

basically, we decided we didn't like their explanation for what was happening {a poet is remembering his friend's wedding...and is pining for his lost he cries, the tear turns into the little mermaid and he feels his sadness of lost love through her}. no. no no no no no. we decided that the poet was watching the love story unravel and just felt bad for the little mermaid. the love story was between her and edvard, not the poet and some guy who looked like edvard or something.

okay. now that that is taken care of.

the dancing was beautiful, i thought. so amazing how they could create the sea on a stage. the little mermaid herself had such fluid movement. it was so fun to watch! her costume was a long band wrapped around her midsection a bunch of times and her fin was really pants that were about 2x too long, so you never saw her feet when she was in the sea - she kind of had to flop her legs {very gracefully} around. she is the skinniest thing you've ever seen. she has been in other performances this year and i actually had a hard time watching her because her ankles are twisted a bit and they look they they are going to snap right in half when she is on pointe...but it worked so well for this production. when you saw her feet and legs, she's supposed to be so frail and almost crippled because she can't use them - she doesn't know how.

now riddle me this: all the girls were in these really cool fin pants...and they guys were in these puffy skirty costumes that looked like a tube dress that was pulled down too far. so weird. there was another part where all the girls were in these spiky little tutus and the guys in kind of baggy shorts...and then there was a guy in a tutu. just strange. keep it consistent here, folks.

the sea urchin was a bit reminiscent of darth maul, but he played the part well.

loved the dancing with the sailors {except the one in his skivvy's...and evard's swimsuit was a topic of conversation for another day} as well as the bridesmaids. very fun.

the colors were great. very oceany for the water scenes {duh} and black/white/pink/red/yellow for above ground. i loved it.

overall, a great success. once we wrote our own story.

and you can't beat the company. our third program, but the first time all four purchasers could make it together.

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