Saturday, March 27, 2010


meet linda.

she's a favorite of mine. always has been. always will be. linda was one of my youth leaders at church when i was 16 and 17. and she had just as much fun doing crazy, childish things as we did!

her daughter lives nearby, so when she comes to visit we try to see each other. this time we were successful.

thanks for the nice chat, the updates and the yummy shrimp tacos. can't wait until next time!

{p.s. i just got new glasses. back to the plastic frames for me...and this picture was a deciding factor. yuck. but the teeth look straighter, no??}


t.t.turner said...

Oh, LINDA! I love her! How fun for you!

ed and kelli said...

who DOES'T love linda? i haven't met anyone yet.. she's the greatest!

Karen Hauley said...

Oh, yes. We love Linda!