Saturday, March 6, 2010

oh, sarah

i watched my friend's little girl for a day while my friend had a little weekend getaway with her hubby {and 8 month old baby}. sarah wanted her toenails painted. and then her fingernails painted. once that was done, she told me leah wanted her toenails painted too. amazingly, leah kept her feet still so we could do it. then sarah said leah wanted her fingernails painted. i opted against that due to leah's hand-to-mouth track record. probably not the best idea. but, the toes were a success.she was also super helpful in helping leah enjoy her morning snack.then we played with bubbles.
sarah may have gotten a little carried away when she decided it was a good idea to pour the contents of FOUR bottles of bubbles into my running shoes that were sitting on the porch {yes, the ones i wore in the mud the week before...not all my shoes look that well-used}.she was promptly sent to time out.when asked what her mom would have done had bubbles been dumped into her running shoes, sarah replied, "oh, we don't put bubbles in mommy's shoes." hmmm...

we don't dump them in mine either.

i tried to salvage the shoes. really, i did. but after the tenth wash or so, bubbles were still coming out, so, may they rest in peace.

other than that 10 minutes of naughtiness, we had a great time. we just won't play with bubbles next time.

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Murphy Mania said...

I'm glad to know it's not just boys that do things like that. :)