Friday, March 26, 2010

ryan went to china

yup. he went during the first week of march. and he loved it. it was kind of last minute because the guy who was on the project ended up getting another job just before they were going, so ryan jumped in last minute.

he flew business class.

he stayed in 5-star hotels.he rode in a rolls royce.
he had lunch with the couple he stayed with in hangzhou 4 years ago on his internship {ryan, why can i not find this picture???}.

he was there for a week and only had meetings on parts of two days, so he had plenty of time to sight see and shop and eat yucky things from street vendors.he bought two new coats {and wore them both at the same time in the freezing cold that was beijing}.
he climbed the great wall {and thus became a hero}.he bought leah a darling dress and a jade necklace.he bought me some jewelry and a pair of jeans...that i will fit into soon. {it's not his fault they were marked incorrectly...and it gives me great motivation because i think they're super cute!}.
and the ultimate gift: 20 packs of mentos. not just any mentos: apple, grape and cola. no, i'm not sharing.and leah was, of course, super happy when he came back.he made me promise to not make any mention of it on blog- or facebook-land until he got back. i obeyed.

love you, babe! as long as you bring back mentos, you can go to china any time!!


Julie Laughlin said...

awesome mentos! But way cute dresses and jeans!

Rob and Marseille said...

why didn't he want anyone to know until he got back?
I have friends that just moved there (they both went on their missions there) & the government turned off the heat!?!?!!! I didn't realize it was so cold!!!