Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sf ballet: take two

again, a success. well, mostly.

program 4 was tonight's entertainment.

first off, i was the driver, which is fine. i consider myself an okay drive. but we were a bit late and i admit my parking wasn't too suave. sorry, ladies. mary and nicole joined dyan and i in place of katie {who was in hawaii} and cheryl {who was in japan}, so we didn't feel bad for either of them. and, i really like nicole and mary too, so it was a bonus!!

anyway...back to the program. we got there on time. barely. but then the usher sent us to the wrong side of the room to be seated, so by the time we got to the correct side {where dyan was waiting for us}, we just BARELY {and i mean barely...we're talkin' seconds here, folks} missed our chance. the curtains were up and the music started just as we got to the aisle. and this is the ballet. they don't seat you once the music starts. so, we sat on the back row for the first number and then joined dyan on rows 2 and 3 for the next two.

as for my critique:

Petrouchka:petrouchka is the classic tale of a Russian puppet, petrouchka, come to life. the music was great. the costumes were great and i thought the actual dancing was great. this guy had to dance, but like a puppet on strings. it was so unique and i think he did a great job. the other main characters were a ballerina {a doll, i think?} and a moor {very macho}. it was so interesting when they would all dance together to see the same moves performed so differently to fit the characters. it would have been a great idea to read the story beforehand, though, because we were pretty lost the whole time. we read it afterwards and muttered a lot of "oh!"s and "i get it now"s.

diving into the lilacs:
by far my very very favorite. it was more classic ballet, which i like, but it was so unique. the choreography was beautiful. the effects were simple. the costumes were nice and flowy {still a tad tight on the men's part, but, what can you say?}. i can't even say why i loved this one so much. i just did. it was beautiful and wonderful and perfect.

in the middle, somewhat elevated:horrible. awful. horrendous. not worth my time. we should have taken the cue of the orchestra and gone home early. and this one got a standing ovation. the music wasn't wasn't even really music. it was just pounding beats and noise. loud noise. really poundy. over and over. not musical at all. and the dancing. i'm not sure we could call it dancing? to their credit, those guys can do amazing things with their bodies that i could never dream of doing with mine, was awful. i'm a person who likes choreography to match and work together. i felt like each person was doing his own thing and no one was together. and it wouldn't have mattered anyway. they could have been dancing together for the first time that night for all i knew. it was awful. okay, it just wasn't my style. yuck. and then my head hurt.

and there you have it. take two.

no pic of my beautiful friends, i forgot my camera {gasp! maren forgot her camera! i know, right?}.

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