Saturday, March 6, 2010

thank you

i have a lot to be thankful for.

usually, i'm good at letting others know i am thankful. but lately, i've been a bit behind on my correspondence. i just sent out my thank you notes for christmas. that's just plain embarrassing. but, i did it. hopefully better late than never, right? i love sending an actual, physical, paper card. there's nothing like getting mail - especially when it's not a bill or junk or something equally as boring. i love getting them too.

today, i wanted to thank a few others i couldn't send cards to because i don't know who they are - but they need to be thanked.

first: on february 16th, leah and i looked out our front door and saw a HUGE package sitting on the porch, wrapped in backyardigans paper with a card for leah on it. the card, for a three year old's birthday, said, "have fun playing with your mom - doing something you both love. love, friends".

we opened the gift and it was an incredible floor piano. you know the kind they play on the movie big? it was like that, only portable.this gift was given to us by someone who knows it was leah's third birthday, that she loves backyardigans, that we like playing the piano and that she can't use her hands, but can use her feet to run on the keyboard!! we love it. love it!

we've tried to think of who this could be - and have a few guesses, but we just don't know. it's driving my crazy, but i guess it's how they wanted it. they truly are great friends just like the card said.

so thank you.

second: on february 24th, had two advertisements for rett syndrome. if you clicked on the ad, you were sent to a site where you could learn more about this awful monster as well as donate funds for research. if you did donate, you could list that you were making the donation in honor of someone in particular.

i got an email yesterday that told me of three people in particular who listed leah's name on the form. i was so humbled to know that these individuals cared so much for leah that they would give of their resources to fund research to hopefully find a cure for rett syndrome. some of them don't have a lot of spare funds. i have a feeling others donated and didn't mention leah's name in particular.

we really appreciate everyone's love and concern for our family. it doesn't go unnoticed. i've been horrible at expressing that appreciation in the last 6 months, but it truly doesn't go unnoticed.

thank you.


Amy said...

i'm so happy you love the hat! She told me you ordered the same colors as the one I got for Ava. good taste. :) I definitely got lucky with awesome in-laws!

JAZKK Low said...

What a great idea!! That is so cool. Have fun! I love your friends. Whoever thought of that AND did it is a genius. :)

Anonymous said...

I am sad your leaving but am glad you liked the piano. I hope you enjoyed using it as much as I had hoped. :)