Monday, March 8, 2010

the gloves come off...

...or on.

So as to not start a fight here in the Layton household this afternoon, the gloves came on.
It's March. The sun is shining. We're wearing capris and t-shirts. And one of us is wearing gloves.

Bean has been pretty mild lately with the snapping, but today she brought it on. Big time.

And I'm done with it.


Her fingers stink from being constantly wet. Don't ever smell them. You'll regret it. {I promise we wash them...a lot.}

She has bruises on her arms because they bang against her teeth 24/7. I know someone is going to call Child Services one of these days. It looks awful.

And the snapping. The snapping! She's talented, that's for sure. I know adults who can't even snap and she's a pro. But it's got. to. stop. At least today.

Maybe tomorrow I can handle it.


But today, snappy snapperton, the gloves come on.


Rob and Marseille said...

does she try & take the gloves off?

Paula said...

Becca's hands stink too! It doesn't matter how many times I clean her hands, they always seem to have black gunk between her fingers. So gross! I wish I could keep her from putting her hands in her mouth. I'll let you know if we discover anything that works :).

JAZKK Low said...

What if you sprayed her hands with vinegar? Just a light mist so it dried. Eew. Sounds awful to me. Whose idea was that anyway? :) Have you gotten a video of her snapping? That is incredible! I want to hear it...but not today. YOu are right. Not today.

Rob and Marseille said...

yay paula and maren for taking the informal introduction!