Monday, March 1, 2010

k.e.m. and {m}k.e.m. come to visit!

kelli elizabeth {aka kelli with a belly full of jelly, kb, kbwabfoj, telly monster...}
and (mac)kenzie elizabeth {aka big mac, macbeth, kenz, kenzi poo, drama...}, that is.

they came to visit to celebrate leah's big #3.. nice, huh?

we thought so.

{in no particular order...}

01. reminisced {and may or may not have sung the full house theme in front of passers-by}.
02. walked.
03. sight-saw {is that a phrase?}
04. ate. scones. lots of them.
05. accessorized.
06. slept.
07. slept some more.
08. survived driving in the city.
09. experimented with new hairdos.
10.purchased matching pajamas for the big girls.
11. and little girls.
12. and just ran around naked. i called leah kelli all week, and kelli kenzie, and kenzie leah, and leah kenzie, and kenzie kelli and kelli leah. they've been gone for a week already and i'm just getting back to normal.

ryan was a trooper with four women in the house. he was just glad he could play the wii.

leah and kenzie slept in the same room at night and for naps. they did great. i guess that's a good sign for kelli who is adding a new little one {charlie? yes?} to their family this june.

thanks for coming to celebrate!


ed and kelli said...

thanks for letting us come bisit. we had a very good time. we just love you guys! and rynit. thanks for being macks first for real babysitter.. and even changing her dirty bum.. twice.

dani said...

What's with you and buying matching clothes Maren? :) Also, I love the full house picture of you two. too funny.