Wednesday, November 24, 2010

boutique success!

the boutique was a success! 
and lots of fun! 
thanks to all who came. 

i do have some leftovers if anyone is interested. 
i've listed the prices below. 

 to order:
just leave a comment or send me an email (marejl at gmail dot com) and i'll contact you. thanks!

small ruffled roses (12mm)
$6 pair
or 2/$10
purple (3 pr), lime green, turquoise, baby blue (2 pr), cream

two-toned roses (12mm)
$6 pair
or 2/$10
mauve, turquoise, pink, cream, purple, rose, yellow
(more than one pair of all of these)

medium chrysanthemums (15mm)
$8 pair
or 2/$15
mauve, butter yellow, grass green, white, paprika red, turquoise
(i have more than one pair of all of these)

medium round mums (15mm)
$8 pair
or 2/$15
gray, black, turquoise, grass green, purple, lime green, shiny black, off white, sun yellow
(only one pair left of each, except the shiny black)

large chrysanthemums (22mm)
$10 pair
grapefruit pink, tangerine, red, green
(i only have these six pair left)

hair pins
$6/set of two
or 4/$10
(shiny black, two-toned roses, round gray mums, grass green med chrysanthemum, butter yellow medium chrysanthemum, small purple roses)

canvas animal art
each canvas is unique and is ready to hang.

11x14 - $30
green lion
 pink owl
 purple bird
 yellow monkey

 8x10 - $20
green lion (2)
 green monkey (2)
 pink bird
 purple owl
 yellow monkey (2)

if you need them shipped, add $1.00 for the first item 
and $0.25 for each additional item for the earrings and hair pins. 
{if you  need the canvas wall art shipped, 
we'll chat to figure out how much it will cost. they're not heavy.}



ed and kelli said...

sister you are amazing! seriously. love it all. those wall arts are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny said...

love it. i'll have to get back to you on those earrings. i'm thinking about some christmas presents. i'll email you once i figure it out. you're awesome!

Kristen said...

loving my hair pins and really wishing i had my ears pierced...

Alyse Burt said...

May I have the small roses in purple and green? And the 8x10 monkey in green. Spencer has a thing for monkeys! I have beanie hats embellished with felt, flowers and buttons, even more headbands, and glitter poinsettias in pink, turquoise, purple, silver, gold, lime green and copper if you want to trade anything. If not, please send me the total via email.
Thanks Maren!
P.S. When you are done selling the canvas's I would love to learn how to make them!

Ann Marie said...

You are so talented! Glad your boutique was a success.