Saturday, November 27, 2010

grateful - no. 27

grateful | rain

i love the sound. i love the sight. i love the smell. i even love the touch of rain in all its wet goodness. my semi-curly/semi-straight hair doesn't always like the rain, but i like it. i love rainbows and the smell of wet cement. i love green leaves and flowing streams. i love puddles and filled-to-the-brim gutters. and i love little girls in rain boots and galoshes - simply because of the rain.


Packet of Seeds said...

I love rain too. I never complain, even when we receive copious amounts of the wet we did last year.

Zenaida said...

When I smell rain for that split second everything it's ok..I love to feel the rain on my face...I can close my eyes and be in communion with this little part of nature.

Karen Hauley said...

seriously the cutest rain boots I've ever seen.

t.t.turner said...

Move to Seattle! :)
Can I have Leah's wardrobe?