Thursday, November 4, 2010

grateful - erasers

grateful | erasers. removers. fixers. un-doers. 

i make lots of mistakes. i'm grateful for simple ways to fix them. like nail polish remover. and how it ever-so-swiftly removed the hot pink nail polish from my rented bathroom floor and wall {after i accidentally sat on the bottle and spilled it}. 

i'm also grateful for hot pink nail polish on three-year-old toes. perfect way to pass the time on the potty.


Shannon said...

I never thought I'd be so thankful for hot pink nail polish, but it makes my three year old so happy! She's actually a bit obsessed with everything about polished toes. She saw the picture of Leah's toes and got happy just seeing them. "Like my toes!"

Karen Hauley said...

Did it remove the polish from your clothes after you sat on the bottle?