Friday, November 19, 2010

grateful - no. 19

grateful | my man

i've jumped up on my soapbox and gushed about my ryan on more than one occasion. ditto to all that was said. no matter how mean, ornery, tired, messy or ugly i am, he doesn't care. and he's never as mean or ornery as i am, though he's often more tired. he's the first to ask forgiveness. the first to apologize. the first to come home from a long day and help out at home. the first to play with leah when his energy is exhausted. the first to tell me how beautiful i am - even when i'm wearing pajamas and my hair and face are train wrecks. and i get to go on a date with him tonight. hip hip!

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ed and kelli said...

hooray for dates! ryan is pretty cool.