Tuesday, November 9, 2010

grateful - no. 9

grateful | teachers

this is a picture of the gate at leah's school. i open it twenty times a week and it always makes me smile. many of the kids get pretty upset if their parents don't let them open it and close it all by themselves. it is to be closed at all times, other than when people are entering and exiting. and the administration is pretty strict about it. i think i will remember leah's current school any time i ever walk through a chain link gate like this for the rest of my life. and be so grateful for the schools we've found thus far for leah. for the teachers who take the time to get to know her and learn about her circumstances so they know how to best help her learn and grow. and they do it for not a lot of pay and for not a lot of worldly reward. this gate makes me smile because it represents all of that to me. i will be forever grateful for the teachers who sit, ever so patiently, inside that gate.

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