Saturday, November 6, 2010

grateful - no. 6

grateful | new life.

babies are simply the best. and i'm so grateful i was able to go meet one of the cutest babies ever this past weekend. it took all my strength the past few months to not wrap myself in bubble wrap and ship myself to southern cal to meet him sooner. bonus? we got to see his parents, plus another aunt, uncle, two cousins, a grandma and a grandpa.

his name is cannon, after my grandpa, and he's the first little one to join my brother and sister-in-law's family. i got to cuddle him, rock him, bathe him, listen to his coos and cries and basically adore him non-stop for two and a half days. and you better believe i'll spend the next month convincing his parents to bring him north to visit me again soon.

love him.


Erica said...

he is CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

we are pretty sure we will be heading north in december, details to come :)

mj said...