Sunday, November 7, 2010

grateful - no. 7

grateful | transportation

today i'm grateful for my old pal, larry. he's my car. the first car i've ever owned. when ryan and i became a duo, he brought a car with him {dave, the mustang}, but that was ryan's car. this one is ours. we got a great deal and didn't splurge for anything, but larry has been good to us. 

no accidents, only one ticket {ryan} and not too much maintenance, if you don't count the brake overhaul that just cost us lots of moolah. but for six years, he's treated us well. we own him flat out and that's a great feeling.

he drove ryan to alabama and back to utah the summer of 2006. he's been to the family cabin in washington a few times, utah and back a few times and la/san diego a few times, plus to work and back and school and back almost every day. he helped us carry our sweet little leah home from the hospital. i left a bunch of root beer cans in him after my five year class reunion and the sun caused them to burst all over him. he didn't even get mad. he helped us calm down leah during those fateful nights of fall 2009 - he was the only thing that could calm her down. sometimes he's clean, sometimes he's dirty. sometimes he's empty, sometimes he's full. sometimes he plays ridiculously awesome music. sometimes he spouts off utterly boring books on cd {but only when ryan drives, thank goodness}. only once has he betrayed me by not opening on command when my child and keys are inside and i'm not. we've been through a lot together. 

and, although you might hear me complain about the fact that we only have larry and i have to drive ryan to work then leah to school then come home then get leah then come home then get ryan then come home {plus everything else every day} or that next time we'll splurge for power locks and windows, among other things, i'm truly grateful to have him.


Shannon said...

i like the name larry. and i can relate to car gratitude. cars with history are rad racer.

Ryan said...

did you just call Hunt for Red October boring? Take it back!