Monday, November 29, 2010

grateful - no. 29

grateful | technology - of a different sort

 technology amazes me. if it were up to me, we probably still wouldn't have invented the wheel. the things we can do with the click of a button are simply amazing. but this past year, i've become more and more grateful for technology i never knew existed. for technology i never knew needed to exist. for technology to give leah a choice. to give her a voice. to help her {and me} on a daily basis. to link her up to the computer and let her "turn" the pages of a book or tell her teacher what we did this weekend or choose what she wants to each for lunch. 

we only have the basics and i'm hoping to only go up from here. to watch her mind grow and develop with the aid of technology. to hear her tell jokes and answer questions and speak and create all with the help of a computer. so very grateful.


Dyan said...

This seems like the coolest thing ever! I would love to hear more about it in another post sometime:)

whitney said...

dyan took the words right out of my mouth... that is seriously cool. :) i hope it goes up from here, too!!!

Karen Hauley said...

I get so excited when I think of all the possibilities for leah and for you. seriously exciting.

Colleen said...

It is sure a good thing that there are such smart people out there to invent this stuff. I can just imagine going somewhere with Claire and Leah in the back seat and they won't stop "talking" however it is that they do it, it will happen :-)