Friday, November 12, 2010

grateful - no. 12

grateful | shadows

this little girl follows me everywhere i go. and i love it. she's my shadow in the kitchen {and loves to help me use the noisy appliances}, in the bathroom {and loves letting me apply her blush every morning too}, in the front room {lovingly licking or snapping my arm as i type}, in her bedroom {snuggled in my arm as we read a book}, or out and about {she's a great shopper!}. she also likes to exercise with me. we run to school and back once a week and she just started helping me do my yoga. usually she sits or stands right in my way and giggles, but this week she actually did about 10 downward dogs with me. not that she needs the strengthening of her rock-hard core, but she's really getting good at doing it at the right time! yay leah!

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