Sunday, August 26, 2012

a blessing indeed

Kate's blessing was such a special experience for me. We decided to bless her while we were in Utah so we could be surrounded by family. There is just no substitute for siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins surrounding us and showing their love and support for Kate. 

We spent a bit of time right before getting her all ready in her brand new dress {Three cheers for my mom, by the way, who implemented my design. We make a good team.} Even Leah knew it was Kate's big moment and was so happy for her. 

The blessing itself was just beautiful. Ryan did such a great job and I definitely felt the spirit and was overwhelmed with the joy my two little girls bring to my life. As I sat and listened to Ryan bless her and give her a name, I had my arm around Leah. She was so quiet and still and it was such a sweet moment. 

After the blessing, we ate some yummy treats and then took some pictures. Everyone in attendance is pictured except the fabulous Claire who is behind the lens and Meghan and two of her kids???
L to R: Randy, Great Grandma Stark, Wesley, Scott, Arianne, Jaimeson, Jayce, Bill, Grandma Hauley, Avery, Jaren, Grandpa Hauley, Ryan, Grandma Layton, Kate, Leah, Grandpa Layton, Maren, Great Grandma Pierce, Great Grandpa Pierce, Mary, Nathan, Luke, Grace, John, Jackson

The men in the circle included (L to R): Nathan, Randy, Grandpa Hauley, Great Grandpa Pierce, Bill, Ryan, Grandpa Layton, Scott and John. 

I didn't get a chance to get any great shots of Kate that day as it started to rain on us outside, so I set up shop in her bedroom after we got home. Too bad that just in that week she figured out her hands and was more interested in eating her dress than modeling it. 

We feel so blessed to have Kate in our family and were incredibly happy to share her blessing with family.

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