Saturday, August 11, 2012

family portraits and parties

The first Saturday we were in Utah, we had a little family together. By little, I mean six of the ten children and 17 grandkids + my mom and Richard. That's little for us. Before the entire clan arrived, we got some pictures of the available Kinnersley half. Nothing fancy, formal or frame-able as we were missing half of that crew {all the DMKs, both brothers in law and Mr. E who was taking a nap inside}. But, a picture nonetheless. 

Grandma helped me test the lighting. I'm still learning.  

And then we all settled down in Karen's Corner for the shot.

We couldn't be serious for too long - our true colors must shine.

And one with grandma and 75% of her grandkids. My how they've grown!

Sophie the giraffe helped me keep their attention. Sort of.

And then we played. I love this shot of grandma and her grandgirls. All of them.

After the half-group shot, the Hauley half arrived and we partied like crazy for Jaimeson's third birthday. Of course, the only picture I have of the birthday boy is of him and Edward {the aforementioned napper} chowing down on their pinata treasures. 

The rest of the evening was spent enjoying the luxurious Utah weather surrounded by family. 

As always, it was a colorful event. Please take note of the cute little photographer in the bottom right corner.

 I think a career in photography is in his future.


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Kelli Marshall said...

nice.. my boy is a good photographer. i find new ones on my phone daily. ps.. i hope these shots are on a cd that will be coming my way:)