Monday, August 13, 2012

ktg: 3 months

Well three months sure snuck up on us, didn't it? Miss Kate is just growing like a weed. A beautiful weed, of course. She's filling out the wrinkly newborn skin and definitely gaining a squishy, smiley baby face. 

She went on her first airplane ride this month and got an award for doing so well. 
Kate still likes attention. And she still likes to cry. But the crying has subsided a tiny bit since June. August was a happier month by a small margin. She's slowly figuring out how her body works and that makes for a happier everybody. This month she worked on laughing. We're not yet to an all out guffaw, but we've had some regular chuckles. 

She definitely recognizes the regulars in her life - we're hoping FaceTime with Ryan on the phone will pay off so she recognizes him next week too. 

She is also figuring out her little hands. She spends quality time staring at her fingers and wrists and even more time sucking on said fingers and wrists. She has started to grab toys and has a wicked grasp. Or maybe I just think it's strong because a certain syndrome robbed her sister of hers? Either way, she's holding on to fingers and rattles and hair like it's nobody's business. 

Speaking of hair, Kate's is leaving much to be desired. It's lightening up and thinning out and she has a gold medal bald spot on the back of her head. She did have her first haircut this month, basically trimming up her mullet, etc. She didn't mind it at all. 

Just kidding. She hated it. 

But the dry Utah heat is doing a number on her ever-growing bald spot. Red, swollen rashes and sores on the back of her head and neck. Good thing Aunt Kelli came to the rescue with some ointment her kids use.  So far, it's working.

Kate still does not have a regular sleeping schedule, and that is completely my fault. Knowing we will be out of town for nearly the entire month of August, I didn't want to spend time to get her into a routine simply to break it. That will start at month four...but...she still usually eats about five times a day {still around 8am, noon, 4pm, 7:30pm and 3-4am} for 10-15 minutes each time. She is awake a lot more and her naps are irregular, but she does love herself a looooong morning nap if our schedules allow it. She is still chatty at bedtime and I could just gobble her up.

Three months means no checkup, which means no shots. Hip hip! 

As for her stats {a bit sparse with no official checkup}:

Weight: ??? But definitely heavier
Length: ??? But definitely longer
Head: ??? But definitely smarter
No. of diapers used: 134
Diaper size: 1 {getting snug}
Clothing size: 3-6 months 
Longest stretch of sleep: around 7 hours
Nicknames: Since Ryan hasn't been around this month, we don't have any new ones other than Katers, which is my nickname of choice. We still call her Kateapotamus, Nakey Kate, Katertot, Kate the Great and KTG. 

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brittani c. said...

the expressions on this little girl just crack me up. the mullet days are awful!(Finn's beautiful hair started falling out after 3 mo.) at least since she's a girl, a headband w/ornament on her head can distract the attention away.

glad you had a successful trip to ut. :)