Sunday, August 19, 2012

a visitor in old stomping grounds

It's often a strange thing to go back to Salt Lake. I lived there for 18 years, but it's changed so much in the last 13 that sometimes I feel like I'm in a completely new place! 

One Monday morning, I met a friend downtown to play in the fountains at new-to-me City Creek and grab some lunch. After that, my mom, Ryan and I had some time to kill and figured we could do a little walking tour. We ended up at the Conference Center. This particular building was finished right after I moved south to go to college. I've been inside before for church and civic events a few times, but only on the main level - and I've never taken a tour of the building or gone on the roof.

So we took the tour. 

Kate wasn't sure about it at first. Or maybe she was mad I didn't comb her hair that morning.

Either way, she was quickly impressed by the building's beauty and grandeur. 

Rightly so. It's an incredible, beautiful building with wonderful views, fantastic works of art and more. If you're ever in Salt Lake, I highly recommend a tour. 

You might even have Elder Oaks photo bomb a picture of your daughter.

I also highly recommend remembering to bring a pacifier for your infant lest you end up using your finger as an alternate. Your finger may or may not be stuck at an awkward angle for a very long time.

After the tour, we wandered back through City Creek and ended up at the frozen yogurt shop again. Not sure how that happened.


Jenny said...

What?! ahhh That post cracked me up!:)

Mary said...

Bahahaha! Love this post for so many reasons!

Mary said...

Bahaha! Loved this post for so many reasons!