Wednesday, August 29, 2012

There's no place like Provo

A trip to Utah wouldn't be complete without heading down to Provo. We visited old friends and coworkers at BYU. I even had lunch with some of my now-grown-up young women from CA! We spent time walking around the beautiful grounds {it's no wonder they win awards!}.

 We headed down to Government Information to the carrel where it all began.
We toured the new addition to the Tanner building where we taught Leah how to drink out of a fountain. All in good time. 
We toured the Gordon B. Hinckley building where we learned the Laytons make up .09% of the alumni in New Hampshire. I'm pretty sure we know at least 75% of the others.
 We were entertained by Kate and her skills.
 We learned that 115 Shipp Hall is no more. Sigh.
 And we bought some new shirts to sport throughout the year.
The next day we headed down for the BYU-Washington State game. It poured rain on the way down, so we got to see a double rainbow and we got to stand in ridiculous lines to buy overpriced ponchos.
Our cougs won 30-6 and I had a great time singing the entire fight song at the top of my lungs every time we scored. I think I was one of three people in my section who knew it. Ryan may or may not have been embarrassed. I may or may not have cared. Gooooooooooooooo cougars!
 Nothing beats the feeling of actually being at a game - my first in eight years!
There's no place like Provo.

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