Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My little fishies

A highlight of our trip to Utah was just spending unhurried, unplanned time with family. My oldest brother lives there with his wife and two darling kids and we had so much fun swimming at their house, watching movies and having pizza parties. They were very gracious hosts and it was fun to get to spend so much time with them.

Poor Leah was a fish in her former life and moving to New Hampshire has not been good for that. We have a great community pool in the area, but I couldn't get in the water all summer, so we never went. So while we were in Utah, we took advantage and went swimming probably four or five times. Sorry in advance for the disproportionate amount of pictures of Kate. But she holds still.

The first time was Kate's first time actually swimming. 

And, she hated it. 

And then she got over it. 

And then grandma rescued her and they went and made faces at each other on the grass {eerily similar to the faces Leah and Grandma made with each other 5.5 years ago}. 

Leah graced me with her presence a few times {look at those lashes!}...

...but made it clear that her pool favorite was Aunt Marisha. 

Near the end of our trip, Ryan was able to join us in our water adventures. Again, it's obvious that our girls prefer him to me. But I don't mind because it allows me to step back and capture the moment.

Love these fishies of mine. 


Kelli Marshall said...

again, i miss you. cute pictures.

Michelle said...

i seriously love that picture of you and Kate "crying". It might be one of my new favorites.