Tuesday, August 14, 2012

a workplace celebrity

One afternoon, I decided to take both girls to see grandma while she was at work. I figured we wouldn't stay long, but it would be fun to stop in and say hi {my mom knew we were coming}. 

My plan to not stay long was thwarted the minute Leah Layton entered the building. She is a celebrity there! At every turn people exclaimed, "Hi Leah! It's so good to see you!" or "Leah, you look so cute today!" I guess grandma might have mentioned Leah to a few people.

She sat at my mom's desk and worked for a bit. 

She even crashed meetings because people wanted to see/meet her. 

So as to not feel overshadowed, I let Kate wear the guest badge. 

We hung out in a lounge with the comfiest couches I've ever sat on in my life. And we walked around the idea rooms, where I definitely got lots of ideas. 

We love visiting grandma at work - especially with that kind of celebrity treatment!

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