Thursday, April 1, 2010

see mj write: day 1 {your favorite song}

my favorite song? singular. um, not sure that is possible.

songs and maren go hand in hand, so, depending on the decade, or year, or season, or day...or hour you ask that question, you are sure to get a different response.

if you were to ask 4 year old maren what her favorite song was, she might answer "mare si dotes and do si dotes" {more commonly known as 'mares eat oats and does eat oats'...i just didn't learn the correct lyrics until i was 18 or so}.

seven year old maren might respond the loco-motion by little eva. i spent many a good hours chained to my siblings and adopted siblings, the augers, singing that tune.

eleven year old maren would probably say her favorite song was shoop by salt-n-pepa. and if you were lucky, she might bust a move right there - gangly legs and all.

dreamlover by mariah carey probably would have been middle school maren's reply. music box was, afterall, my first compact disc.

junior high school and early high school maren would have responded {in an exteremly annoyed tone of voice} that it didn't matter what song she liked because little sister kelli had her boom box going 24/7, so maren never got to choose the music.

high school's answers would have been consumed with dixie chicks or faith hill. i remember decorating the halls of skyline high for homecoming a few days after the album fly was released and during the two weeks i wanted to learn the guitar, wide open spaces was on the must-learn list.

freshman year at college was full of n*sync vs. backstreet boys wars {um, hello, backstreet boys all the way} despite the no strings attached jc puppet gifted to me.

the remainder of college was full of banning anything sung by seal {really, kim, really?} and dancing to shania twain's new cd up! {don't forget the exclamation point}. jessica andrews, phil vassar, rascal flatts, keith urban and any other new-age country were also favorites.

engaged maren would tell you when you kiss me by shania twain was the best song ever written.

running maren would have to say any upbeat song with a tempo of 168-176 on a metronome gives her the perfect amount of energy and motivation to run a 9 minute mile while sit-at-home-and-veg maren would rather listen to something a little more josh groban-esque or big band and jazz music from the '20s, '30s and '40s {i really think i was born in the wrong decade}.

dance party maren just wants something that makes her move. forever by chris brown, halo/walking on sunshine mashup from glee, hoedown throwdown by miley cyrus are definitely on the list.

maren's iTunes playcount would tell you music from glee and lots of songs from american idol contestants and winners are definitely her favs.

christmas music is always allowed at maren's house. don't let ryan tell you otherwise. if he's going to live in maren's house, he has to live by maren's rules.

as for 2010 maren, she would have to say music from glee, michael buble, taylor swift, carrie underwood, colbie caillat, chris brown {don't judge me}, and john mayer are on the top 10 list.

as for april 1, 2010 maren, i'd have to say {for reasons other than that i have a super not-so-secret crush on him and his throw-back frank sinatra pipes} michael buble's i just haven't met you yet.

maybe one day you'll read an article as to why. i just haven't written it yet.


Julia Wade said...

love it mare. we would have been great music friends all through life, for sure. :)

ed and kelli said...

i'm loving this see mj write stuff already, and it's only day one! you do have wonderful music taste... but i dont' think you should diss elementary/jr. high kelli cause you LOVED the music that i played 24/7:) i had to learn to ugly dance sometime... that's how i made my family laugh..and you'll be happy to know, mackenzie has become VERY good at ugly dancing in the last few nights.

Molly said...

Maren. I love you. We get along well. Our playlists, however, would not. We should keep them apart for their own good. Hahaha! I think I might have to copy your post with my own songs. Look at you! Inspiring others to write!

Erica said...

Things were going so well between us and then you had to choose the backstreet boys over nsync. its over! :)

Heather said...

I love it---it is so true, there is a favorite song in every moment and mood. I also think that some times it is a fun memory of when you heard that song that can make it a favorite!

The Jensen Kids said...

Hi Maren- I don't know if you remember me, But I am a friend of Jeni and Julia's (and yours:). I hope you don't mind- but I found your blog and I find it inspirational, funny and charming. Can we be blog friends?:) Anyway, just wanted you to know I was here looking and loving it! I love your sweet family and all your honest commentary- Youre amazing!
Kelly Jensen

Rach said... many that I love. So many that I need to look up now! Can't wait!

Karen Hauley said...

Music generally gets me through the day - definitely the daily commute. Loved this blog - I'm dancing in my chair right now.

Rob and Marseille said...

we like the same music. and I haven't been able to get "I just haven't met you yet" out of my head for weeks...ever since they sang it on A.I. Not that I mind, I love the song! (and one of my friends has it as the first song on her blog, so I hear it alot.)

Rebecca Parker said...

You crack me up with your explanations & amazing memory of past:) good times!