Tuesday, April 13, 2010

see mj write: day 13 {a fictional book}

"fictional" is a pretty big category for me, so i really need to narrow it down.

don't really like science fiction. never have. can't see myself liking it it in my near or not-so-near future, either.

not a fan of historical fiction. i don't like when books mix real characters with fake ones or real characters with fake happenings. just give it to me straight OR make the whole thing up. not a little of both.

so...as for true fiction...since i don't read much of it, i'd have to say my favorite books include mr. harry potter himself. all seven of them. sure, i like some more than others, but all together, they allowed me to escape to a world far away from my own.

i love harry for lots of reasons, but mostly because he's good. he has been surrounded by not-so-good for a majority of his life and he's still kind and amiable and good. he's a true friend. he has more strength than he'll give himself credit for, which i think is the case with a majority of us. others see our own strengths much more than we ever do. he makes mistakes. he's imperfect. but he's learning. and he's good.

i'm in love with the weasleys. theirs is a home in which i would have loved to spend time after a long day at school. they're quirky. they're old fashioned. they don't have a lot as far as the world is concerned. but there is love in their home and in the end, that proves to be very valuable.

most of all i love dumbledore. albus percival wulfric brian dumbledore. i'd say he's wise beyond his years, but his years are many, so maybe not. maybe he's perfectly wise for his years. he sees the big picture. he thinks things through. he believes in his students. he knows that good can win even when it seems evil is heavily tipping the scales. when he is around, there is a peaceful feeling. things will work out.

i love the way the books connect and link to one another. ideas and objects and people and their pasts weave in and out of each book and are all tied into one pretty tapestry in the end.

that's my kind of book.

p.s. the movies are good too, but not as good as the books. too much is left out in the movies. and there are many things an imagination can do that film just can't. i did see daniel radcliffe in nyc in 2008 after i ran the marathon. he really is super little. that's him wearing a hat and signing autographs.

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Rebecca Parker said...

Not gonna lie, should've left this @ O comments based on my feelings re: series, but I love ya & am trying to comment on each to support your goal...which btw, you're already a great writer:) i feel privileged to have same comms degree as you-