Sunday, April 25, 2010

see mj wrtie: day 25 {your day, in great detail}

i know i'm supposed to write about today. but, this is my blog. and i reserve the right to change those rules. so i'm writing about yesterday.

ah, yesterday.

yesterday was one of those saturdays. the way a saturday should be. i haven't had a saturday like it in quite some time.

first off, my friday night ended a bit too late {game night with friends...and, i still have that darn habit of staying up too late to read}. saturday, i was slated to run about 6 miles to prepare me for an upcoming, very hilly 10k. i planned to run at "the dish" near stanford. most of my friends were doing different runs, so i had no one to report to. and, when 7:00 came...and then bed was simply too comfy.ryan was kind enough to get up with leah when she woke way too early. i'm pretty sure he put on a backyardigans dvd and fell back to sleep on the couch. but i didn't have to move.

when i finally decided to greet the day, i made yummy, delicious, homemade pancakes. leah helped me stir the batter. have i ever mentioned i'm kind of a pancake snot? ok, really a pancake snot. and a syrup snot for that matter. my mom used to always make her own pancake batter and her own syrup and it's just sooooo good. none of this bisquick or mrs. butterworth's junk. yuck. homemade for this girl. you will never see me eating pancakes at a restaurant.
after pancakes, we cleaned up a bit. that always makes me feel better.

then, because i skipped my run, i figured i better get some sort of physical activity in for the day. so i did a strength/cardio/ab workout. while working out, leah did some amazing things with the squirt bottle on the floor. yay, leah!

and leah doing good things + endorphins = happy maren.ryan was out running some errands while i worked out. he brought back subway sandwiches. and, except for the mayo he mistakenly had the subway employees put on mine, it was a perfect order. we walked to a nearby park and had a little family picnic in the california sunshine. i even wore my yellow sneakers.
when we got back, leah took a great nap. and so did ryan. i did some organizing and some lesson planning for my church lesson today and a little bit of reading. ryan said, because it was such a nice day, he still wanted to go on a run after his nap. and then i was going to go when he returned. when he woke up, he changed his mind, so it was up to me to get the motivation, again, to get out the door. just a quick, flat 6 miles.

then he suggested the dish. that's where i was supposed to run in the morning. it's hilly. really hilly. and i needed to go 6 miles, which meant i needed to run it twice. so, out we headed, jogging stroller and leah in tow. ryan pushed leah once around and i ran twice around. i didn't have high hopes for this run. i just wanted to to finish in about 1:05 or less and i wanted to run as much as i could without stopping. i finished in exactly 1:04:39 and i only stopped to walk three times, and only on the hilliest parts of the longest hills.when we finished, we were pooped. so we got some jambas one the way home {with a lovely two-for-one coupon}, then made tacos for dinner. mmm...fresh tomatoes.

leah went to sleep like a champ, i had a root beer float for dessert and ryan and i watched part of a movie before i decided i was too tired to finish {ryan was already asleep on the couch} and we headed to bed. but, of course, brushing my teeth and all the other going-to-bed chores woke me right up.

so i stayed up late, reading.

it was a good saturday.


Rebecca Parker said...

T'was a good day! Pretty sure I haven't had one like that on which to report for quite some time...guess it's up to me to make it that way eh? gotta say the late night doesn't help my next am though:) s'pose we @ least have that in commmon though you're certainly more productive on the outset!! helps that leah & co had good day too:)

t.t.turner said...

Definitely hit up the 2-for-1 Jamba deal here on Saturday as well. I want your syrup and pancake recipes!

Karen Hauley said...

I love when little things make me smile - I loved seeing leah hold the squirt bottle. Little things can be such big things. I'm so glad you got in your run. You definitely had a perfect day.

Molly said...

Can I have your pancake recipe? Pleeeeease?

PS--Leah looked so adorable at church yesterday! I LOVE LOVE LOVE her long pigtails.

Haylie said...

getting ready ALWAYS wakes me up! maybe i should start reading instead of laying there listening to the hubby sleep for an hour. :)

JAZKK Low said...

That sounds wonderful...except the 6 mile part. I suppose it would be wonderful, once it was done and I was eating a jamba juice! :)

JAZKK Low said...

p.s. I want to see your yellow sneakers. I love yellow...