Wednesday, April 28, 2010

see mj write: day 28 {this year, in great detail}

how about {lack of} great detail for this one?

this past year in words:

2 year old walking.
2 year old talking.
to utah by air.
to run a race there.
easter with fam.
strawberry jam.

6 years of us.
start school {not on a bus}.
successful 10k in hills.
half marathon sans thrills.
swimming and hiking.
cheering and biking.

finish what i start.
long days in the park.
great escape for just girls.
leah's hair in long curls.
trip with high school friends.
quilting that never ends.
guitar for the hub.
for the babe, running club.

independence day.
leah running, hooray!
big move for new job.
back porch i did hog.

drive up to heaven.
my brain's in a whirl.
what's wrong with our girl?

new mattress and manping.
wish i were camping.
getting no sleep.
so tired all week.
got me a hair cut.
blood draws suck butt.

happy birthday to me.
paint the wall green.
run race in the city.
family pictures are pretty.
leah's words are all gone.
will life still go on?

30 days of thanks.
is rett syndrome a prank?
trip to see dan.
of mri's, not a fan.

loving the sounds.
night out on the town.
recital of mine.
cuddling in the rain.
unclogging the drain.
mmm...scones to eat.
yummy christmas treats.

2010? here's to hoping.
with katie's clinic, we're coping.
grandparents come.
san fran & monterey are fun.

ryan is 30 minus 1.
at grownup prom, had some fun.
sleepy, sleepy leah girl.
three years went by in a whirl.
graduation and ballet.
big race in the hills one day.

babysitting. ruined shoes.
mom has some new-school blues.
preschool turning out just fine.
rett study blows my mind.
new friends and information.
weather here is a sensation.
ryan to china, business class.
grandma visits, have a blast.

rainy days. writing blogs.
lots of biking. maren jogs.
big vacation tickets booked.
not too many meals cooked.
getaway. cannot wait.
better go. it's getting late.


Molly said...

I love it! Can you do my life in rhyme? Please?

PS--I owe you an apron. I haven't forgotten. Don't you worry.

Cheryl and William said...

Beyond clever!! bravo :-)

Lisa said...

What an amazingly talented writer! I'm in awe!

dani said...

Alert the officials. You are the new rhyming queen. Cute, cute.

Brad, Debbie, and K squared said...

I LOVE rhyming. :) This is one of my favorites yet!

Karen Hauley said...

What an awesome way to sum up the past year.

Ryan said...

You should set that to music. Maybe 'We Didn't Start the Fire'?