Saturday, April 3, 2010

see mj write: day 3 {your favorite television program}

watching tv in the layton household is a process. it always has been.

for beginners, ryan and i have never purchased a tv for ourselves. ever. my mom and step dad gave me a 13" tv with built-in vcr circa christmas 2002 and it was used in my apartment of 5 girls. it sufficed. ryan and i then used it for a year or so in our newlywed underground cave.

then one day my big brother scott came to visit. you should have seen the look on his face. scott loves all things computer. all things technology. he got a calculator for his third birthday and took apart our home computer when he was in junior high. my mom just about went ballistic over that one, but scott assured her he could put it back together. and he did. scott owns the latest and greatest of everything - and he knows how it works and how to fix it and how to make it that much better and more powerful. so, when he walked into our hole to see a 13" screen with a vcr as our sole means of entertainment, he just wouldn't have it. that's when he secretly bought us a tv. a 27" with a built-in vcr and {wait for it} dvd player. i emphasize secretly because his wife had no idea. ryan and i knew, but we thought she knew too. nope. i was certain there was going to be a divorce in the family that winter, but they survived. and we got a new tv.

enter 21st century. well, everyone else did, but we still haven't quite made it there. we use rabbit ears. we don't have cable or satellite or dtv or any of those fancy shmancy programs to record all the shows you want to watch and skip through the commercials and make your television viewing experience that much more enjoyable. we do have a digital converter box and we know precisely where to point the rabbit ears to watch our favorite stations {which isn't that impressive, since we only have seven to choose from}.

with this new digital age, we don't get the option of watching a snowstorm on television. we either get the picture, or we don't. and, unless we arrange ourselves in the correct position to coordinate perfectly with said rabbit ears, we just don't get a picture. don't even think about moving around or the show is toast.

all this hassle makes television viewing more of a hassle than anything. so we have maybe three shows we watch each week and that's it. it's just not worth the time. and last night, i went to watch one of those shows, and the rabbit ears broke. they broke, people. one antenna - snap. i called ryan {secretly hoping he'd say something along the lines of 'i guess it's time we got cable'} and he said, after he questioned my mood and force while handling the antenna, "i guess it's time for us to get a better pair of rabbit ears."

it will never end.

so, since our options are limited and we have to choose our entertainment wisely, i wisely choose: glee.

i'm expecting mixed reviews for my choice. i think people either love this show or they hate it. and if they hate it, they've most likely never seen it. ryan fits into this category perfectly. he's seen like 13 seconds of it total and he says it's the dumbest thing he's ever seen. secretly, i think he's afraid he will love it just as much as me.

this show is hilarious. it has me rolling every single wednesday night. i download the music and i have dance parties to it later. leah loves the music too. i asked ryan for the dvd for christmas and he gave me his blessing to buy it myself, but he wasn't going to be caught dead in a store with that in his hands {to his credit, he did already buy me anne of green gables - i think he's paid his dues}.

you can imagine the anger that has been building up inside of me since that dark and dreary december 9th. april? you want me to wait until april to watch more tv? but, it is now april and somehow, i survived and am counting down the days {11, to be exact} to find out what in the world is going to happen to mr. schuester, emma, quinn, finn, puck, rachel and the rest of the gang. i can't fight my feelings any longer.

and yes, we will have new rabbit ears by then.


Ben & Eva Pearson said...

I LOVE glee!! Ryan should really give it a better chance. :)

Cheryl and William said...

We don't have cable either- just rabbit ears and we had to come up with creative ways to position it just so that we could watch the Olympics (I'll post it on the blog sometime- we felt really ghetto). We do LOVE online tv

Maren B said...

Hi Maren,
This is the other Maren (Brinkerhoff) from our old ward . I've read your blog sometimes, and want you to know you're a great writer! Thanks for entertaining.

t.t.turner said...

I L-O-V-E GLEE! I'm going to the sneak preview of the new season Wednesday here in New York! I think there's one in your area too - I'll check! So obsessed with this show. :)

Morgan said...

we have been totally stuck in the dark ages as far as tv is concerned as well. we had never bought a tv since being married until we moved here, and bought a tube tv from our neighbors that were moving out, for $10!! can't beat that! we used to have rabbit ears too. we do get free cable in our building, but no dvr or anything else for us. which really doesn't matter anyway... i just watch all my shows on hulu so i can watch tv around my own schedule.

and yes, glee is amazing! i can't wait for it to start back up again.

nicole said...

oh the preggers episode hooked me (phil not so much) so funny... i can't live without hulu.

Joy said...

I vehemently agree! Glee is the BEST!!! I am laughing at all your favorite things- we are even more alike that I thought! I adore AoGG!

Karen Hauley said...

I was one of the Glee haters until I realized that it really was a comedy - not just an emotion-filled drama. And the music . . . it was the music that hooked me. I like some of their renditions better than the originals.

AJ said...

I love these "favorites" blogs of yours. You really are a great writer. And yeah I love Glee too. The music is so good. And I watch mostly online. No cable for us either. Hulu is great.

Jordan and Ariana said...

You just went up in our book, like a notch! We love GLEE! We stop and watch every commercial so we can have a taste of the show since it's been 4 months without it. Anyway, we approve of your choice of show 100%

Rebecca Parker said...

Not the Backyardigans??:) Well, I gotta be honest, I'm def not on the Glee bandwagon yet; perhaps it was premiere when they sung one of the songs I've hated since jr high & I wasn't most appropriate for their high school setting not to mention the marriage break-up:( But I've been told I haven't given it a fair enjoy! I've got week's full o' reality shows that I record old-school style & catch up when I can so have no room to talk:)