Monday, April 26, 2010

see mj write: day 26 {your week, in great detail}

i'm a list person. i love writing them. i love marking them up with little checks or x's.

love it.

you can always find an assortment of lists all throughout our house. one of them, hopefully, being a checklist of things to accomplish throughout the upcoming week. i usually have it sorted out by days with bigger items at the bottom or off to the side needing to be completed by week's end, but not particularly on a certain day.

so, in true mj fashion, here is my week's checklist:

drive ryan to/from work {check}, drive leah to/from school {check}, grocery store {check}, costco {check}, wash leah's carseat cover {after first blowout in more than a year}, call about jury duty {EXCUSED!!} {check}, strength workout {check}, call about absence of new phone {shipped, delivered and activated by someone else; fraud department is on the case and a new phone is being shipped to me right now!} {check}, watch castle, finish girl power 2 cure gift.
drop ryan's bike off at shop so he isn't stranded with another flat tire and so his chain doesn't fall off {like last week}, drive ryan to/from work, drive leah to/from school, crazy hat day for leah at school, target, teach a little bit of piano, run 5 miles, clean bathroom, vacuum, watch a.i.
drive ryan to/from work, drive leah to/from school, crazy hair day for leah at school, teach lots of piano, research study, run 5 miles, hopefully get my new phone in the mail, clean floors, watch a.i. results.
drive ryan to/from work, teach a medium amount of piano, leah's 30-day IEP checkup, invisalign appointment, lunch with leah/jack/sarah, hopefully pick up ryan's bike, strength workout, 4 loads of laundry, clean bathroom, clean kitchen, vacuum.
pajama day for leah at school, run 6+ miles, day #1 of the great escape {drive to so cal with kristen and linds!!}, chillax
SLEEP IN, more chillaxin', beach?, pool?, mani/pedi?, read, eat yummy foods
SLEEP IN, final minutes of chillaxin', drive home, celebrate SEVEN years of marriage with my one and only.

all days: check apartment resident boxes, clean laundry rooms, clean on-site, organize maintenance requests.

mail mother's day packages
mail girl power 2 cure gift
read this, then this
blog daily assignment
get anniversary gift {wood/copper = traditional, desk sets = modern}
write thank you notes
schedule orthotic appointment for leah
schedule EKG leah
schedule EEG for leah
shedule respite certification

ah, the power of a list.


Mary said...

I'm a list maker, too. I have a well-filled planner and a separate list of things I have to accomplish by the end of the week that I write down every Monday. Sometimes I write things down after I do them, just so I can cross it off!

ed and kelli said...

okay, so i know you are a busy lady.. but wow. a few questions.. A. you left "watch glee" off the list, i know this must have been an oversight, so i'll let it slide...b. what in the world is all this with leah.. i thought she already had ekg's and eeg's?

Julia Wade said...

wowza maren ... you are a busy lady!! love the list making though. isn't it the best?! i hope you have an AMAZING WEEKEND!! SO JEALOUS!