Monday, April 19, 2010

see mj write: day 19 {a talent of yours}


sometimes its hard to think of something you're good at when you can quickly think of a handful of people who are better at that particular task. especially on a day like today when i just feel like sulking in the corner.

i've proven myself able to do a lot of things. i play the piano and like to sing and i guess i'm talented when compared to some, but definitely fall short when compared to others. i can cook, but i'm horrible at presentation {i'm workin' on it}, which often defeats the entire cooking session. i like to run, but i'm not necessarily talented at it, i just do it...slowly.

i'm good at editing and correcting grammar and spelling mistakes {and yes, i know i make a mistake or two out of haste every once in awhile}.

i can wrinkle my tongue up into three distinct loops. i'd take a picture, but i'm the polar opposite of attractive today.

i'm really good at being sarcastic. probably too good.

mostly i like to create things and am not afraid to try. i'd love to take a class on screen printing or letterpress or writing or quilting or a handful of other things. i'm always looking at pictures and wondering how i could make a certain item myself and constantly have a new project {or three} sitting in front of me. i guess i'm slowly learning that not being afraid to try is definitely a talent and one i'm getting better and better at by the day.

i love the thrill of trying, creating and succeeding.

and if i fail? oh well. better luck next time. there's always something new to create. and once in awhile, the outcome is downright hilarious. it was worth trying just to get in a good laugh at the finished product.

i usually appreciate the product more when i spend time to create it myself. like that skirt i just can't seem to part with...even though i haven't worn it in three years...because i made it. or that basket full of note cards or bucket full or hair bows or bookshelf full of photo books or couch full of ruffle pillows or toddler bed covered in a handmade quilt or windows draped with an mj original.

gifts are a lot more fun to give when you've put a little bit of yourself into them. thank you notes are a little more meaningful when you've taken time to pen them yourself {no keyboard invovled}. my home is a little more enjoyable when i realize i've taken hours and energy to make it mine. to create a home where i want to be.

ryan probably doesn't appreciate the stacks and piles of ribbon and mod podge and fabric {oh, the fabric!!!}. but he's a good sport. and hopefully he enjoys some of the creations, i'll keep trying. and failing. and trying again. and maybe succeeding every so often. and i might not be the best, but i won't be afraid to try.


Molly said...

Hmmmm. I think if I wrote this post I would just say I'm awesome at everything. Who cares if people are better at something? I'm still awesome. And you should be running around saying the same thing. Ha!

PS--I can do the tongue thing, too.

AmyAnn said...

You are really good at editing ...remember when we edited our big final PR project ...and sat out in the sun doing it. Can we just do that some more?

You are also really good at being on time and being organized. I am pretty sure our final PR project would not have been as great without your good organizational skills!

Just wanted you to know!

Jen said...

Oh miss-talented Maren. . . . I have admired your many talents. :)

Amy said...

i've been dying to learn letterpress or screenprinting. Let me know if you find somewhere that offers it. I don't even know where to begin looking for a class.

Haylie said...

i've never known other people that do that with their tongues! i feel like we bonded just then.

Haylie said...

oh, and also, you are one of the most talented people i know! you may not feel like it sometimes, but to others you appear to be great at everything! i admire you a TON!

Karen Hauley said...

Please put this on the GOOD list of things you inherited from me. JoAnn & I had a motto whenever we were asked to do anything . . . whether or not we had done it before, we would say, "I can do that!" Then we'd go figure it out. It's pretty much how I survive at work every day. I love that you have inherited the "I can do that!" spirit.

Rach said...

Oh Maren! There is NOTHING that you can't do. If there is ever any task that I want to conquer, you are my go-to-gal cause I know that whatever you do is just perfect.

Regan said...

That is a very good talent because I realize lately as I am trying to do stuff around our house that I don't want to try if I know that it might not turn out just right. I really need to work on that, so you have just given me inspiration!

Rebecca Parker said...

i know you certainly didn't do this post for the props, but you are most certainly multi-talented my dear cousin!! i am looking @ your super cute yet functional wipe holder that needs to be refilled for mr luke! even down to your handwriting...all cute cute cute and special touch that makes it fabulous! keep up the good work & know you're loved:)