Thursday, April 22, 2010

see mj write: day 22 {a website}

i spend a good portion of my free time perusing the world wide web. yes, sometimes it is time well wasted. but most often, i consider it time well spent.

i communicate with others. i purchase pretty things. i learn new ideas. i educate myself. i form new friendships. i am inspired by others.

i consider all these things to fall in the category of time well spent. not wasted. i try to not go overboard. but really, the dishes can wait.

one of my favorite websites to meander through is craigslist. oh, the things you can find and sell! i'm not sure if it's just the area in which i live, but craigslist is huge huge huge here.

if you find something good, it goes fast. if you find something mediocre that is in high demand, it goes just as fast. i like to browse more than i like to actually bite the bullet and make a purchase. and oh do i have fun browsing!

we bought the bean the cutest little toddler bed through craigslist. it's white and plastic {so she can't bite it and ruin it} and it was $30. can't beat that. and she is currently sleeping soundly in said toddler bed for the 11th night in a row. {yay leah!}

my latest and greatest search is for housing. i won't sicken you with the prices i enter as my maximum, as the cost of living for a dumpy 2 bedroom apartment here is more than most people's mortgages on a 4+ bedroom home elsewhere. but i've had so much fun lately trying to find a house. not an apartment. a house. at ground level. with a garage. and a yard {yah, right}. and more than 2 bedrooms. and more than one bathroom. hey, a girl can dream.

and someday craigslist is going to help my dream come true.

time well spent.


Jen said...

I hope Craigslist helps me find a house someday too Maren. A girl CAN dream!

Cheryl and William said...

I love to surf the web as well- and I too consider it time well spent!! :-)

Alysha said...

I love craigslist. I listed my parent's house and in three days we had a buyer. Who needs a realtor when you have this awesome website?!

Rebecca Parker said...

I'd have to say I haven't had as much success with Craig's List as E-bay but prob 'cuz I'm not as familiar with it?! Tough to decide what to do when time not spent on kids eh? T'is when my OCD is worst 'cuz so many good things to pick from in so little time, which would explain the present late, or early am hour however you choose to regard:)