Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sf ballet: take four

by FAR my favorite night. hands down. no contest. i loved each and every number.

first, rush. this was fantastic classical ballet with a bit of funk thrown in. i'm seriously amazed at what these people can do with their bodies. i loved loved the music and loved, loved, loved the dancing. that's all.second, classical symphony. probably my favorite of the night. the girl's tutus were so fun. they were a thin, tight mesh that stuck out like pippy longstocking's hair. they seriously were like bike tires around their waists, but so soft and feminine. they had a white floral pattern on them that i just loved and the way they rigidly yet fluidly moved added so much to the number {of course i couldn't find a picture}. again, i loved the music. the dancing was classical ballet with a bit more movement. just not as rigid, i guess. more upper body movement and a bit more foot work. it was the world premiere. it was incredible.

third, the concert (or, the perils of everybody). this was a theatrical comedy choreographed by jerome robbins (west side story). the dancers came to see a piano performance of frederic chopin's music. the solo pianist on sage was in.cre.di.ble. incredible. amazing. fantastic. i love chopin. always have. and this performance made me love his music even more. {julia, you would have DIED.} the dancers very literally got lost in the music. the choreography was based on their imaginations, dreams and fantasies influenced by the music. it was also kind of a play or words of some of chopin's music {"butterfly" etude, the "minute" waltz, the "raindrop" prelude, etc.}. i love the dancing. i loved the humor and i more than loved the music.

and i left vowing to go home and practice the piano. never thought the ballet would make me do that.

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