Wednesday, June 1, 2011

back on the grid

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. after nearly three weeks away, i'm back on the map...with 100+ emails, 300+ unread blog posts and numerous voicemails waiting for me. i have to admit, it was kind of a nice break to not have any technology to worry about, but i did feel a bit disconnected. 

a big, huge, enormous thanks to all the lovely ladies who uplifted us all while i was gone. i loved every single post and plan to refer back to them often. i know they all appreciate your kind words as well. 

i'm drowning in thousands of beautiful images the four of us captured on our cameras while we were away. it's a good kind of drowning. but as i try to rise to the surface and organize my thoughts, i've created a quintessential-maren-foot-post for your viewing pleasure. {and, believe it or not, this is just a sampling of them!} i feel blessed to have walked where i have walked in the past weeks.

take a stab at identifying which feet go with each description - you have until friday at noon. the winner gets a deliciously creamy treat from switzerland. yum.

if you don't want your answers to be public, email them to me at marejl at gmail dot com. or you can leave your answers in a comment on this post. 

{click on the image to make it larger.} good luck!

the answers, in alphabetical order:
a- american cemetery, normandy
b- arc du triomphe, paris
c- banana nutella creperie, paris
d- bern switzerland lds temple
e- boston commons, boston
f- cemeterie du pere lachaise, paris
g- cheers, boston
h- conciergerie, paris
i- double decker bus {with a view of trafalgar square}, london
j- eiffel tower, paris
k- grindelwald, switzerland
l- hotel citadines, paris
m- hotel invalides, paris
n- ile st louis, paris
o- jfk to bos flight
p- jong frau, switzerland
q- lake lucerne boat tour, switzerland
r- lake lucerne, switzerland
s- laundromat, paris
t- lion of lucerne, switzerland
u- london underground, london
v- mont st michel
w- musee d'orsay, paris
x- napoleon's tomb, paris
y- national gallery, london
z- notre dame, paris
aa- omaha beach, normandy
bb- park on champs elysees, paris
cc- pointe du hoc, normandy
dd-pont du neuf, paris
ee- ristorante rossini, switzerland
ff- sacre coure, paris
gg- sainte chapelle, paris
hh- st paul's cathedral, london
ii- st paul's cathedral, london 2
jj- the louvre, paris


Erica said...

could you be any more creative or organized? please let some of that rub off on me! love this. but, i cant even figure out which one is in boston! i have a guess, but am lost on the others! love this!

Colleen said...

Hehe, I am pretty sure I know which one is Boston, but I won't tell :-) I would just like to say how happy I am to have you back on the grid, the grid is better with you in it....even if it is on the East coast xx

Bethany said...

I love a challenge. I'm totally going to play. :) But how do we submit our answers without making them public for everyone else to see?

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I tried. I've saved it and I'm going to go back to it. I'm analyzing shoes, and pants combos with likely weather/interiors. It's complicated...

I'm so glad that you're back!

AJ said...

I love this. I am totally going to play, but it is going to take some serious analyzing. I think I have a few figured out, but we'll see.

Emily said...

just reading through that list of locations makes me absolutely sick with envy (completely bypassing green with envy and straight on to sick with envy!)

chellae said...

So I've been to many of these places and still have almost no idea which ones are which! So glad to hear you had a good trip. I hope your tiny taste of Boston is getting you excited for the big move!

Elaine said...

man, that was TOUGH!!! can't wait to see the answer sheet- and I hope I win!! :)

Molly said...

My guess is that they are in order. The pictures match up perfectly in order with the list. There. That's my guess. :)