Friday, June 3, 2011

spring recital 2011

tonight i had my eighth and final {at least for a few years?} piano recital in california. i made the ugly crying face...a lot. and ryan illegally took pictures of it. 

leah was on her best behavior - which means she was giggling so hard ryan had to keep her out in the hallway. i guess that's a step up from the reason they've been in the hallway in the past.
all of my students did so great! i was beyond proud. only one mishap this time with some sheet music left at home. the student could have done it without, but nerves got the best of her. so - dad to the rescue - he ran home to get her music and made it back in time to perform near the end. she played beautifully. 

i even played a piece this time - and had it memorized - a miracle all its own.

i've so loved teaching each and every one of these fantastic kids {and adult!}. watching them grow - in talent and stature - each week for four years has been a joy. they are smart and funny and kind and fun and talented. and i feel more than blessed to know them and their families. they are one of the reasons my heart will have a big, gaping hole in it as we make our move back east. i'm so happy to have been a small part of their lives.

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Michelle said...

awh! That's so great!