Monday, June 6, 2011

winner winner!

chicken dinner. thanks to everyone who took a stab at matching my feet to their corresponding attractions. i didn't realize it would be such a challenge. actually, i knew it would be hard. just didn't know anyone would take it so seriously...until i got an email from a friend's husband at 1:00am their time with the subject line "this is bethany at 1:00am thanks to your feet puzzle. :)" and this picture attached:

this is serious stuff, people.

after triple checking because the race was so close, we do have a winner:


with 23 correct out of 36, she beat out #2 by just one pair of feet! laura i have your prize and i'll drop it off soon. ryan actually won, but i disqualified him before he even entered. he was with me for 34 of the pictures! and, he nearly flipped his lid when he didn't get 100%. he got over it. 

i'm nearly sorted through london pictures and a post is coming soon, but i decided to play play play with miss ribbons today instead. forgive me?

for any who are interested, here are the answers to the puzzle: 1-h (conciergerie, paris), 2-o (jfk to boston), 3-aa (omaha beach, normandy), 4-t (lion of lucerne, switzerland), 5-u (london underground, london), 6-a (american cemetery, normandy), 7-i (double decker bus with a view of trafalgar square, london), 8-v (mont st michel, france), 9-p (jong frau, switzerland), 10-x (napoleon's tomb, paris), 11-r (lake lucerne, switzerland), 12-d (bern switzerland LDS temple), 13-n (ile st louis, paris), 14-bb (park on champs elysees, paris), 15-j (eiffel tower, paris), 16-gg (sainte chapelle, paris), 17-y (national gallery, london), 18-b (arc de triomphe, paris), 19-ee (ristorante rissini, switzerland), 20-m (hotel invalides, paris), 21-hh (st. paul's cathedral, london), 22-w (musee d'orsay, paris), 23-jj (the louvre, paris), 24-z (notre dame, paris), 25-k (grindelwald, switzerland), 26-ff (sacre coure, paris), 27-q (lake lucerne boat tour, switzerland), 28-c (banana nutella creperie, paris), 29-e (boston common, boston), 30-s (laundromat, paris), 31-g (cheers, boston), 32-dd (pont neuf, paris), 33-cc (pointe du hoc, normandy), 34-l (hotel citadines, paris), 35-f (cemeterie du pere lachaise, paris), 36-ii (st paul's cathedral, london 2)


Laura said...

Cannot wait to see all the pictures from the trip! Glad all my googling Europe paid off.

Karen Hauley said...

I confess, I took one look at the post and realized I wouldn't have enough time to do the research - which my competitive nature would have required - so I just enjoyed the pictures. Congrats to Laura!

Michelle said...

haha! I'll admit it...I tried. After two hours, and only about 12 answers, I gave up. :)