Thursday, June 2, 2011

preschool promotion

leah graduated from preschool...again. i guess when you start attending at two years old, you're bound to graduate more than once? we preferred to call this particular graduation a promotion...from california preschool to new hampshire preschool. that sounds better. 

i nearly missed the program as it was announced to start at 11:00, but started 15 minutes prior. and when the ceremony consists of 15 or so impatient three and four year olds, it doesn't take long. they were calling her name as i entered the gate. her teachers - and a very impatient leah - waited for me to run to their end of the school yard so i could snap a few shots. and mom, don't get the wrong idea - i was still 5 minutes early!
leah wasn't nearly as cooperative as she was last year. she was not a fan off the cap, but again started a new fashion trend. she giggled, i took a picture and the other adults panicked. i'm such a good mom. 
ryan really wanted to be there, but since this is his last month of work, his place of employment has decided to utilize him to his utmost capacity. maybe next year, ry. 

after she and the others were presented with their diplomas, we ate some snacks and ran around on the playground. when i got in the car to drive her home, i turned around and saw this almost immediately. it's a perfect picture to sum up her year. she worked her little heart out, but i think it payed off. 


Packet of Seeds said...

Congratulations Leah! You are so grown up!

Matt and Lindsay Bauman said...

Congratulaions! She is so adorable. Love the ribbons in her hair. You always have her looking so cute. Bailey is going to miss her two play dates a week with her.