Sunday, June 19, 2011

garage sale goodness

the saturday before camp, i participated in a multi-family garage sale with three of my friends. i spent the time between europe and then cleaning out and purging. the unwanted pile ended up taking up most of the floor space in my garage and barely fit in my civic that morning. we crammed every last corner of the trunk, back seat and passenger seat full. considering these were all items i wanted to donate, the fact that i made $200 that day is pretty sweet.

we color coded all the items so when they were sold, we knew how to divvy the cash. i was red. kristen, apparently, was green.

don't you love that she looks beautiful no matter what she's doing? 
i particularly loved the way molly labeled this box. nice, molly.

and the best part? when we decided to close shop, everything that was left was piled into molly's car {with space to spare} and driven two blocks to the d.i. truck sitting in the parking lot of the local lds church. i came home nearly empty handed {just grabbed a few things i thought might sell on craigslist} and it felt gooooood.

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