Tuesday, June 14, 2011

switzerland: awards and outtakes

we didn't find any signs in which we were lost in translation, so we'll skip that prize. 

ugliest picture is unanimously awarded to: ryan

as for the best and worst of switzerland, here goes:

attraction: jungfraujoch {all}
food: aspen hotel {ryan}, bruschetta {maren}, pasta {lindsey}, baguette for lunch {ed}
travel: junfraujoch train {all}
desserts/sweets: apfeltaschen {ed and ryan}, strawberry creme schnitten {maren and lindsey} speaking of schnitten's, i figured out after seeing it about 20 times that it means "bar" and it's my new favorite word. i try to fit it into all sorts of conversations.
incident or experience: stadtkeller show {lindsey and ed}, cowbells in the fields {ryan}, feeding the birds {maren}

attraction: flight simulator {ed and ryan}, boat tour - couldn't hear! {lindsey and maren}
food: olive roll on sandwich {lindsey}, swiss cheese fondu {ed and ryan}, endive in salad {maren}
travel: getting lost in grindelwald {lindsey}, swiss driving pass {ed}, tolls {maren}, rental car in general {ryan}
dessert/sweet: wheat apple strudel tart {ryan}, nut pastry {ed}, none {maren}, biscotti in sack lunch {lindsey}
incident/NOT funny: bern temple and traveling to grindelwald {maren}, getting lost while driving {lindsey}, flies at dinner - "don't break the plate!" {ed and ryan}

as for the best and worst OVERALL:
favorite: switzerland {lindsey}, london {ryan}, paris {maren}, grindelwald {ed}
least fav: none of them! {ryan and lindsey}, lucerne {maren}, london {ed}

favorite: paris {all}, ravioli in paris in particular {maren}
least fav: pub food in london {ryan and ed}, normandy sour cream pizza {lindsey}, nothing {maren}
favorite: london underground {all}
least fav: {paris metro with luggage {all}
favorite: tricole custard {ed}, apfeltaschen {ryan}, creme schnitten {lindsey}, fruit tart {maren}
least fav: wine gums {maren and ryan}, licorice in london {ed and lindsey}
favorite: dday tour {ed, ryan and maren}, grindelwald {lindsey}
least fav: kensington palace {ed and maren}, being outside the louve - hot and dusty! {ryan}, crude irishmen in london {lindsey}

and now, for some final outtakes from switzerland...

and with that, i bid you, and europe, adieu.

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Michelle said...

i love you guys already, and we've only spent such a short time together. These pics of Ryan are hilarious, definitely not the side that I saw of him in Hanover! He seemed so quiet! Can't wait to hang out.