Monday, June 20, 2011

dad's day

ryan celebrated his fifth year as a dad with a super cool tie decorated by miss ribbons herself. to show his appreciation, he let leah ride in the front seat with him {for 30 our complex parking come pick up me and the food}. 
we then celebrated three great dads with a fabulous feast {yes, those are chocolate chip peanut butter BACON cookies and yes, that cheesecake was made from scratch by the incredible kristen}. 
these kids are such great buddies. they've grown so much since last year! we are sure going to miss them. looks like leah will especially miss mr. austin???
a good time is always had with the katzs and harmans around.


Matt and Lindsay Bauman said...

Love the tie and Love the last picture of you three! So adorable.

ed and kelli said...

i'm loving these! love the family picture shot! you are beautiful and miss ribbons is getting so big!

Heather said...

love the tie and love your shirt--where is it from??

mj said...

@heather - i don't remember where the shirt is from. ryan thinks macy's. the tie is from michael's.