Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lucerne, switzerland

after getting lost - again - this time in crowded, narrow, city streets, we finally made it to our hotel in lucerne. and guess what! it was right next door to a chocolate shop. lucky us.
unlucky maren got the best bed in the house. all i have to say is: ed cheats at coin tosses. 
we spent a relaxing evening wandering through this bustling river city. crossing its unique bridges and sampling its fare. wednesday we had...pastries!... for breakfast. then we took a long walk along the river to view the lion of lucerne {which mark twain called "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world."} and a transportation museum. we were too cheap to go inside because we didn't have a lot of time, but the boys were lucky enough to experience an amazing flight simulator. you should ask them about it sometime. 

we walked back toward our hotel - and bought more chocolate along the way - then spent a few truly relaxing hours poolside. our hotel happened to be the only hotel in lucerne with a pool. only the pool wasn't heated. and this is switzerland...in may. we all took a dip, but i'll admit mine was less than 20 seconds and linds and i didn't get go deep enough to get our hair wet. the boys on the other hand did submerge themselves - and screamed like ninnies the entire time. after about 10 minutes their bodies decided against hypothermia and they thawed on the reclining chairs. 

later we took a boat tour on lake lucerne...

...continued to eat well...

...and ended our two week stay with a dinner and show at stadtkeller restaurant. we're talking an authentic horn blowing, accordion playing, singing and yodeling show. just click the link if you don't think i'm serious. linds was called up on stage to try out the horn {and got ricola as a prize}. i was called up to yodel. i don't remember ever being so embarrassed in my entire life. but to top it off, my "prize" was to chug an ice cold beer in front of hundreds of already drunk audience members. i politely declined. i did get to meet the accordion player, though. all in all, the show was a perfect way to end a perfect trip.

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Morgan said...

hey! we ate at that yodeling restaurant too. our meal was disgusting brats or something like that, but it was super fun. plus we got to watch our director yodel. so glad you guys had such a fun trip. i am super jealous. i want to get away! :( can't wait for you guys to be on the east coast soon. i hope you're planning a nyc outing soon after you get to out here.