Friday, June 10, 2011

london: travel

we were all thoroughly impressed with modes of transportation in london. we had a "london pass" that included our public transport fees, which made it rather simple for us. but even if we had to purchase tickets, it still would have been seamless. underground and overground trains run constantly - we never waited for longer than 5 minutes. 

the red double decker buses are not a myth. they were everywhere all. the. time. we hopped on the front row of the top deck of bus 91 one at trafalgar square and rode it to the end of the line and back {ended up being 2 hours in total and one of the most relaxing parts of our time in london - i think we all fell asleep at some point!}. 

even walking around that city is not a chore. and we walked a lot. there's always something to see and even on foot it didn't take all that long to get to our next destination. that was most likely because of the incredible planning and mapping ed and i did each night. ryan and lindsey were no help in that matter. 

we all spent some quality time with our maps of the city and the underground and, even with the help of the signs on the road, never could figure out which way cars would be coming from as we entered an intersection...
other than teeny tiny elevators and traveling with luggage in tow on our first and last days, i give london travel an A++.  


Lindsey Harman said...

Definitely the BEST method of travel! I would go back for sure!

Michelle said...

haha! We did the London Pass when we went on our honeymoon, and I also totally appreciated the "LOOK RIGHT" signs.