Tuesday, June 14, 2011

france: awards and outtakes

the award for best sign goes to:

and the ugliest picture is awarded to maren AND lindsey:

BEST of france:
attraction:dday tour {ed and ryan}, eiffel tower {lindsey}, musee d'orsay {maren}
food: ravioli {maren and lindsey}, prawns {ryan}, pork {ed}
travel: chunnel {lindsey and ryan}, being close to the metro in paris {maren}, bessey the mini bus {ryan}
desserts/sweets: green vanilla eclaire {ryan}, fruit tart {maren}, crem brulee {ed}, crepes {lindsey}
incident or experience: paul woodage tour {lindsey}, deciphering french menus {maren}, picnic on champs elysees {ryan}, lindsey & maren making ugly faces on the eiffel tower {ed}

WORST of france:
attraction: dirty, hot, crowded louvre {everyone}
food: mcdonals in cae {ryan}, sour cream pizza {lindsey}, nothing {maren}, gobs of butter on the baguette ham and cheese sandwich {ed}
travel: stairs on the metro {maren}, metro {lindsey}, waiting for a train for an hour to get to the airport {ed}, car rental delay {ryan}
dessert/sweet: wine gums {lindsey, ryan and maren}, nothing {ed}
incident/NOT funny: hotel staff in paris {lindsey}, paying to go to the bathroom in paris {maren}, public toilet - the free one - and feminine product on ground near the eiffel tower {ryan}, squatting at the public toilet - the free one - near the eiffel tower {ed}
and now for some outtakes...

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JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

You guys are goofs. Total goofs. You probably blended pretty well...until it was outtakes time. ;)