Friday, June 10, 2011

london: awards and outtakes

i was definitely the record keeper of the trip. at first the other three seemed annoyed, but after a few days, came to the realization that they would never remember everything and they were soon asking me to write things down for them. as we reviewed my notes on the train to paris, we gave london some best and worst awards...

attraction: tower of london {lindsey}, westminster abbey {ed and ryan}, les mis and st. paul's {maren - i'm very undecisive}
food: maze grill {ed}, zizzi's italian {ryan}, garfunkel's {maren}, parfait on the eurostar {lindsey}
travel: boat tour {ryan}, bus 91 {ed}, underground {maren}, escalators {lindsey}
desserts: toffee & waffles {maren}, sponge treacle with custard {ed}, banana nutella crepes {ryan}, coconut gelato {lindsey}
sweets: turkish delight {ryan}, blackberry tofita {maren}, s'mints {lindsey}, kinder bueno {ed}
incident or experience: maze kitchen {ryan}, signage {lindsey}, view from the plan while waiting to land {maren}, nap in park {ryan}
funniest incident: "cheers mate" comment at train station {ed}, "is it close?" "no! it's a 30 minute walk!" {maren and lindsey}, "where's this exhibit?" "it's in scotland!" {ryan}
shopping: portobello market {maren and lindsey}, confectionery at harrod's {ed and ryan}

attraction: kensington palace {maren}, queen's gallery {ryan}, buckingham palace {lindsey}, london eye {ed}
food: hamburgers at pubs {ed and ryan}, nothing {maren and lindsey}
travel: excessive walking without an ankle brace {ryan}, airport to hotel {ed}, stairs with luggage {maren}, bad shoes {lindsey}
dessert/sweet: licorice ropes {ed, lindsey and ryan}, nothing {maren}
incident/NOT funny: people in our seats at les mis {maren}, crude irish cage fighters at hotel {lindsey}, having to pee while running to dlr {ryan}, having to pee in general {ed}
shopping: harrod's {maren and lindsey}, portobello market {ed and ryan}

the award for being lost in translation goes to lindsey. we actually had the following conversation about the following sign:
lindsey: "what do you think that sign means?"
maren: "i think it's showing where the handicapped accessible emergency exit is"
lindsey: {laughing} "oh. i thought it meant, 'if a man in a wheelchair is chasing you, run this way.'"

and the award for ugliest picture goes to moi. 

and now some london outtakes for your viewing pleasure:

on to paris...


ed and kelli said...

cute scarf. where'd you get it? :)

Lindsey Harman said...

I actually loved your record keeping abilities and was not annoyed at all! Seemed pointless for me to do it when you are so good at it, so thank you! And thank you for giving me a copy! It will be much easier to remember Europe and it's greatness. Wow, those are some lovely pictures!! Are you sure I don't deserve the ugliest picture award? ;) Lot's of fun memories! The English accents are my fave!