Sunday, June 12, 2011

santa cruz

we spent an evening on the beach in santa cruz with our ward for a little beach bonfire. everyone brought their own dinners and the plan was to just sit, relax and play. we did those things, but we did them with layers as the weather wasn't too cooperative. at the last second i grabbed a pretty warm jacket for leah, but of course ryan and i were in shorts and light sweaters. 
we had a great time with friends for a few hours before we all ditched the cold and went home. leah had a serious case of the giggles, which obviously made ryan contract them as well. 

shannon, {whose husband is modeling the delicious fire-baked apple for us - just roast it on a stick until the outside is black, then peel the skin off and dip it in cinnamon/sugar. yum!} said the sun came out and the weather warmed right up about a half hour after most everyone left. 
i guess we'll have to go back??

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Lori and Matt said...

Looks funs... but a little chilly! We're staying at Matt's parent's house in Half Moon Bay.. If y'all make it over this way before you leave let me know!!